Is Violence Justifiable?

Violence is a major problem in society today and it can be largely divided into two aspects , namely , violence against individuals and violence against society. Violence can cause emotional and physical pain and trauma. However, while it should not be encouraged and in m any cases tolerated , it is my opinion that violence is inevitable and therefore justifiable under certain circumstances.

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Newspapers are filled with reports of violence every single day and all of us have at one time or the other read articles on rape , murder and even domestic and teen violence. Despite the proliferation of articles on crime and violence , however , violence is not something that we can get used to and the threat of violence is something that none of us would want to confront. Violent criminals violate the human rights by causing physical and psychological pain , trauma and even death to their victims. And in such cases , violence is definitely not justifiable.

Another common form of violence is violence against society , which may come in the form of national or international conflict. Examples of such violence include wars or ethnic clashes. Such forms of violence are worse than acts of individual violence as they often lead to senseless mass killings that leave behind many victims and casualties. When country goes to war, the people have little choice but to sacrifice their lives in the name of patriotism and innocent women and childrenwho are left at the mercy of the enemy.Due to this war should not be advocated.

Despite the above arguments, however, I feel that violence is justifiable under some circumstances. One example of this is the case of violence is violence against criminals. The death penalty and caning are some form pf violent punishment. Many people would agree that these forms of violence are justifiable during since there is nothing wrong in subjecting criminals to the same kind of pain and suffering that they have put their victims through.

Violence may also be justifiable during war when all other alternative solutions have been exhausted. Although war should be avoided at all cost due to the damage that it can cause , there are nevertheless some situations when this form of violence is inevitable and therefore justifiable.

As seen from the above discussion, it is evident that violence is capable of causing much physical and psychological pain for individuals as well as for society as a whole. Despite this, there are some situations where violence can be used as a means to end more violence, and in such cases violence should be considered justifiable.

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